The dawn of an Empire

It is the dawning of the First Age. The mortal races have begun to shape their existence in a world filled with dangers, both magical and mundane. These dangers are not figments of their imagination, nor fables told to scare young children. They are real and ever present, creating harsh borders between where the mortal races feel safe and where they dare not tread.

Beyond the border that separates the known and the unknown dwell groups of supernatural beings. These creatures, for they are certainly more than mere mortals, have one foot on each side of the border. And the question posed by many:

Do they gaze inward, or outward?

In the campaign players will take on the mantle of a vampire, or Kindred, in the First Age. The world and its inhabitants, both mortal and supernatural, are still young. Lines between them have yet to be drawn, but as spheres of influences are moved and challenged, conflict is bound to ensue.