Vladí Stepanovic

The serpent


Vladí is a slender man of middle height, of about 30 years of age. He has a full, brown beard and hair that, despite his age, is almost completely grey and pulled back in a ponytail.
His clothes are sturdy and travel-worn, in mostly brown and grey wool and leather.

He is fairly handsome and charismatic, with a melodic voice that draws attention.

Despite being a social and endearing man, Vladí has a bit of a temper, a strong desire to be the center of attention, and will not easily tolerate anyone contradicting him or doubting his stories. He has occasionally lashed out at people who gainsayed him, but nobody has known him to be violent about it…


Born as the fourth son of a cobbler, the future did not hold much for Vladí. From an early age, it was clear that he would have to make his own way in the world, instead of inheriting any business or fortune from his family. Despite entering religious or military service, as would be normal, Vladí was instead drawn to storytelling and news-spreading.

Spending hours in the taverns and by the water-posts, he was quick to pick up gossip and news. When he realized that some people would always be willing to pay for a good story, or to be the first to know of something relevant, Vladí saw his chance to build his rather unique trade.

Gathering news and spreading it was good for a few meals at first, but Vladí learned that the more elaborate and dramatic stories and news was the ticket to both meals, a bed for the night and the occasional money.

Wanderlust and a desire to be the center of attention soon made him seek out into the world, and start a regular route, gathering news in some places and spreading it to other towns and villages. This enabled him to establish a network of contacts and a knack for investigation, which in turn brought the attention of the vampire clan Vashrak.

Vladí Stepanovic

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