// Character Creation

Background deal with external things or people that have a connection with your character in some way. They should in some way make sense with regards to your Concept. Examples include relationships, material possessions, property and more. Backgrounds are dynamic traits that may be lost, gained and increased during play.

Backgrounds range from 1 to 5 in rating.

An established coterie may at one point wish to combine some of their backgrounds into a larger, more impressive base of power. Doing so creates an anchor background in which all others tie into. All such backgrounds are called pooled backgrounds.

Pooled backgrounds range from 1 to 10 in rating.


Allies are mortals who support you willingly, without coercion. Their availability is not guaranteed, after all they have their own affairs to look after. But they will do their best to offer aid in whatever way they can. Keep in mind that you may be called upon to aid them from time to time as well; after all, you are allies.

Alternate Identity

You have an established alternate identity. This includes the expected paperwork of said identity, such as business records and legal documents. The exact nature of this identity should be fleshed out together with the Storyteller. You have no problems slipping in and out of this alternate identity, although you should be carefull about whom you reveal it to.


Contacts are individuals whom you can persuade/coerce into giving you information. You can roll Contacts (7) to track them down and persuade them to give it to you. Each Contact can provide information within their fields of expertise and each should be fleshed out before play starts.


Divinity is a catch-all category background that ties into the Eight Gods. In life you were an acolyte or perhaps a priest of one of the Eight. You may or may not be able to continue your duties, but your standing carries some weight with other mortals. You enjoy the benefits of whatever rank you had in life; mortals may aid you, let you into their homes or provide you with material benefits. This background may also provide you with pull in certain political situations where your rank as an acolyte would do so in the past.


Domain is territory in a city that is recognized as yours by the Prince or other authority. Dots assigned to Domain can be used in two ways: first way is to reduce the difficulty of hunting within it, the second is to increase its security. You should work together with the Storyteller to determine what your Domain is.


As a mortal you had achieved widespread fame. The exact nature of this fame (or infamy) should be detailed together with the Storyteller. Fame can work both for you and against you. Fame can assist you when hunting and may also give advantages on some Social rolls.


You have built and shepherded a flock of mortals from whom you can feed without fear. In addition to providing nourishment they may also be used for minor tasks. However, they are not very skilled, nor are they controllable.


You have some influence on mortal society. The exact reason for your influence should be detailed together with the Storyteller, but common examples include wealth, lineage, prestige, politics, blackmail or supernatural sway. Influence can be used to get your way, but be careful not to abuse it too much.


You own a sizable collection of books on one or more topics. Depending on the size of your library, you are afforded benefits whenever researching them. Such topics include most Knowledges (with fields of expertises counting as individual choices) and some Skills (such as Herbalism).


You have a mentor, either a singular or group of Kindred, who can look out for you. They may offer guidance, aid or warnings from time to time. Such an important Kindred is usually far too busy with their own agenda to directly help you and if you require their direct intervention too often they may chose to abandon you altogether.


Resource represents assets under your control. Most commonly this is money in some form such as taxes, investments or property. Whatever the resource is should be discussed with your Storyteller.


Retainers are servants, assistants or loyal companions. Most Kindred retainers are ghouls in some form or people who’ve been repeatedly Dominated to the point they are your thralls.


You have attained some measure of standing within society (either mortal or Kindred). This could be more or less anything, but should be tied into something you’ve achieved or recognition of your skill. Your Status will help with dealing with those belonging to that society or those that would heed its words.


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