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Physical Description



Nature, Demeanor and Religion

Racial Traits

  • Tough and Wise
    Dwarves add one dot to their Stamina and one dot to their Wits.
  • Gruff
    Dwarves are rough around the edges. The difficulty of all Expression, Performance and Seneschal rolls made towards non-dwarves is increased by one.
  • Slow and Steady
    Dwarves move slower than other races. Their walking speed is 6 meters per turn, jogging speed is 10 + Dexterity and their running speed is 15 + (Dexterity x 3). For purpose of calculating their speed they ignore Dexterity penalties from armor.
  • Darkvision
    Dwarves can see in total darkness up to 18 meters. Their vision in this range only works when there is no light and they see the world in black and white. They receive no penalties to rolls involving Alertness, Investigation or Perception in such circumstances.
  • Stability
    When an enemy attempts to either Tackle or Sweep a dwarf they suffer +1 difficulty on their Brawl rolls. Dwarves also roll an additional die on all rolls to resist being knocked off their feet.
  • Armor Mastery
    Dwarves reduce penalty to Dexterity for wearing armor by one. They reduce the effectiveness of Armor Piercing weapons against them by one.
  • Hardy
    You gain -1 difficulty on Stamina rolls to avoid becoming inflicted with poison. Any ill effects stemming from poison against dwarves is halved. Dwarven vampires cannot carry diseases.
  • Stonecunning
    Dwarves gain -1 difficulty on all checks to determine the originator and age of stonework they encounter. They also gain a -1 difficulty on Survival checks to navigate underground.
  • Stoneskin
    Dwarves reduce any Bashing damage they receive by 2 and any Lethal damage they receive by 1. Enemies botching unarmed Brawl rolls against a dwarf suffers 1 level of Lethal damage. This damage can be soaked normally.
  • Languages
    Trader’s Tongue, Dwarven and one additional language.


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