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Physical Description



Nature, Demeanor and Religion

Racial Traits

  • Hardy and Agreeable
    Gnomes add one dot to their Stamina and one dot to their Charisma.
  • Physically Weak
    Gnomes lack the physical strength of the larger races. They receive a -1 penalty on the damage dice pool of their successful Melee and Brawl attacks/maneuvers. They also count their Strength as two lower when calculating their carrying capacity.
  • Small
    Gnomes are smaller than other races. The difficulty to hit them with ranged attacks of all types increase by one. They get a -1 difficulty on all Dodge rolls, but treat the Strength requirement of weapons as one higher than normal.
  • Slow Speed
    Gnomes move slower than other races. Their walking speed is 6 meters per turn, jogging speed is 10 + Dexterity and their running speed is 15 + (Dexterity x 3).
  • Darkvision
    Gnomes can see in total darkness up to 18 meters. Their vision in this range only works when there is no light and they see the world in black and white. They receive no penalties to rolls involving Alertness, Investigation or Perception in such circumstances.
  • Gnome Cunning
    The difficulty to affect Gnomes with Kindred Path Magic, Mage Spheres or Fae Cantrips/Unleashing increases by one.
  • Natural Illusionist
    Gnomes possess the first level Chimerstry power Ignus Fatuus. They do not count as knowing Chimerstry nor can they improve this ability with experience. If they start with or learn Chimerstry they automatically begin at the second dot even if they only purchased the first level.
  • Keen Senses
    Gnomes gain an Alertness Specialization of their choice for free.
  • Obsessive
    Gnomes gain one dot and an Expertise in either Academics or Crafts.
  • Languages
    Trader’s Tongue, Gnomish and one additional language.


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