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Physical Description



Nature, Demeanor and Religion

Racial Traits

  • Varied Background
    Half-Orcs add one dot to an Attribute of their choice.
  • Medium Size and Normal Speed
    Half-Orcs are of average height and move with average speed. Their walking speed is 6 meters per turn, jogging speed is 12 + Dexterity and their running speed is 20 + (Dexterity x 3).
  • Low-Light Vision
    Half-Orcs do not suffer penalties on Alertness, Investigation or Perception rolls stemming from reduced illumination.
  • Commanding Presence
    Half-Orcs reduce the difficulty of all Leadership and Intimidate rolls by one.
  • Mixed Heritage
    Chose two of the following Abilities: Survival, Subterfuge, Crafts, Animal Ken and Commerce. Gain a Specialization/Expertise in the chosen Abilities. In addition you get a free dot in Hearth Wisdom.
  • Impecable Fitness
    When a Half-Orc attempts a Willpower roll to perform a Feat of Strength they gain the extra dots on rolls of 8+ instead of 9+. They also gain an Athletics specialization of their choice for free.
  • Languages
    Trader’s Tongue, Orcish and one additional language.


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