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Physical Description



Nature, Demeanor and Religion

Racial Traits

  • Savage Lands
    Orcs add one dot to their Strength and one dot to their Stamina
  • Tribal Background
    Orcs tribal life is very different from what many would consider civil. Orcs may not distribute any starting dots on Chivalry, Heraldry, Commerce, Academics or Franchise. They may buy these skills with Freebie Points as normal.
  • Medium Size and Normal Speed
    Orcs are of average height and move with average speed. Their walking speed is 6 meters per turn, jogging speed is 12 + Dexterity and their running speed is 20 + (Dexterity x 3).
  • Low-Light Vision
    Orcs do not suffer penalties on Alertness, Investigation or Perception rolls stemming from reduced illumination.
  • Hunter’s Endurance
    Orc tribal life is harsh and those that survive it gain formidable endurance. Orcs count their health level as two levels lower than it’s current state for purposes of dice pool penalty and movement penalty. This means that Orcs may continue to fight when they reach the Incapacitated health level with a -2 penalty. If they take further damage they suffer the normal consequences.
  • Impeccable Fitness
    When an Orc attempts a Willpower roll to perform a Feat of Strength they gain the extra temporary dots on rolls of 8+ instead of 9+. They also gain an Athletics specialization of their choice for free.
  • Languages
    Trader’s Tongue, Orcish and one additional language.


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