The Curse of the Dead Heart

// Setting

Kindred are an abomination to the natural order. They are no longer mortal creatures that are part of Gaia – a realization few vampires are willing to admit to and one that profoundly change their psyches. Kindred exist forever outside the sphere of natural things. Their bodies are dead, yet they continue to exist, think and act. Although they were once mortals blessed by Gaia, their Severing has taken away their very soul, transforming them into beings both sublime and forsaken. Many Neonates fail to see the difference between their mortal lives and their lives a Kindred, but this change becomes apparent as years fade into centuries. Eventually all vampires realize they are dead, frozen in that one terrible moment when eternal rest was denied them and replaced with torment and hunger. And, as if losing one’s very soul wasn’t enough, vampires realize that in its place is now a trapped, ravenous Beast that screams for a release from an eternity trapped in undead flesh. They are monsters, beyond salvation and alone. This is what Kindred call the Curse of the Dead Heart.

Undying yet Unliving: As a vampire ages, so to does the ages pass him by, leaving him in an alien world.

The Roads to Salvation: The way for vampire’s to fight the Beast and retain control of their existence.

The Curse of the Dead Heart

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