The Distinction of Blood

// Setting/ The Society of the Night

Kindred belong to one of 13 Bloodlines, extended blood families tied together by a common Anchor. Although each vampire is unique, their shared background means they also share certain traditions and mannerism. The most obvious legacies are the Disciplines, as each bloodline draws upon a unique gift of Gaia’s Essence. Unfortunately, while finding your Anchor ties you to a bloodline and grants you Gaia’s gifts, it also permanently scars the Kindred in a specific way. Each such Curse is unique to a bloodline and matches their Anchor.

The ties of blood between bloodline brethren are strong, but this does not mean bloodlines operate as cohesive entities, much less united ones. On the contrary, the bloodlines are viper’s nests in which intrigue and rivalry run rampant. Although they are the families of the night, the bloodlines are actually amorphous and loose in their organization. There is no central authority to marshal a bloodline or enforce any form of unity.

There is also a distinction between those that Severed ‘naturally’ and those that are Embraced. The value placed upon each type varies between Kindred. Some consider Severed to be true-born while others consider them more savage and uncouth. Likewise, Embraced are seen by some as merely infected but others see them as carefully selected for their talents.

And finally, like mortals of their time, Kindred divide themselves along those bloodlines of privilege, the Patricians, and those that are “unfit to rule the night” (atleast in the eyes of the Patricians), the Plebeians.

The Patricians

The Patricians rule supreme over the night. They are the Kindred nobility composed of princes and barons who rule over vast feudal domains and Kindred courts. The following Bloodlines call themselves Patricians:

  • Crogen
  • Leyhtan
  • Merigar
  • Silaris
  • Tymar
  • Vashrak

The Plebeians

Despised and loathed by their ‘betters’, the Plebeians do not bother with the pomp and arrogance of the Patricians. Instead they prefer to move in different circles, pursuing their own goals and chasing their own intrigues. The following Bloodlines are regarded as Plebeians:

  • Aneeku
  • Banrath
  • Credem
  • Inaran
  • Kadack
  • Komori
  • Whirak

The Distinction of Blood

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