The Society of the Night

// Setting

At its heart, Kindred society is built on a dichotomy. Vampires are solitary predators without an actual need for the companionship of their own kind, and yet this companionship is precisely what they crave. Like moths to the flame, Kindred flock to each other, drawn to the most powerful of their kind. Perhaps it is their predatory nature, but those who are strong lead, and those who are weak cower at the feet of others for protection. Even Kindred who resist this urge and lead a solitary existence rarely manage to do so without arousing the suspicions or jealousy of their more social brethren. Those who persist in being outsiders are distrusted and eventually hunted down. Although they are solitary by nature, Kindred are no different from pack animals, and they are just as vicious, territorial and violent.

Kindred society is peopled by fiends and monsters, so it is not guided by normal, or even moral, tenets. Murder, intrigue and unholy acts form the pillars of the social order. And yet, Kindred are refined beings. They surround themselves with art and beauty, patronize artists an commission great works of architecture. Kindred society is as ordered and structured as mortal society, if not more so, and dominated by strict hierarchy. For the Damned, being born noble or peasant means nothing; it is blood and age that elevates one Kindred above another.

The Distinction of Blood: The blood families of vampires.

Hierarchy of the Damned: The various distinctions within the vampire society.

The Society of the Night

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